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These 10 Sleepy Animals Are Your Nap Spirit Guides


These tuckered-out animals are the most accurate representation of your life right now. Adorable sleepy animals… we feel you 100%.


  1. This Yawning Sloth

If you don’t catch the contagious yawn from this little guy, you’re far more caffeinated than the rest of us. It’s ok, sleepy sloth. Us, too.


  1. This Unreasonably Snuggly Tiger

“What do tigers dream of when they take a little tiger snooze? Do they dream of mauling zebras, or Halle Berry in her catwoman suit?”


  1. This Kitten That Couldn’t Make It Through Dinnertime

Sometimes our sleep priorities outweigh even our stomachs. And that’s saying something. At least this kitten will wake up to breakfast in bed. Or bed in breakfast, really.


  1. This IRL Simba and Timon Cuddle Combo

Sometimes you just gotta snuggle up to a friend and hit the snooze button. Just as long as that friend isn’t as uncomfortable by the situation as that poor meerkat looks.


  1. This Otter Who Can’t Believe How Tired He Is

Be honest: you’ve made this same face after pulling an all-nighter. “WHY AM I STILL AWAKE.” We don’t know, sleepy otter. Time for a nap.


  1. This Precious Interspecies Nap Fest

No one is as comfy as this pile of French bulldog pups and their baby human. You’ve never seen anything as adorable as this, and no one will ever sleep as soundly as these four cuties. #napgoals


  1. This Dog Who’s Given Up On Wakefulness

Just give in to the sleepiness. Learn a lesson from this exhausted French bulldog, and let him be your sleepy spirit guide. Drop whatever you’re doing, flop to the floor, and take a nap. You know you want to.


  1. This Bunny That’s You At Work Right Now

You’re sitting at your desk. Trying to pry your eyes open. And then… wham. But this bunny manages to make sleep deprivation look way cuter than you. This fluffy guy couldn’t make it past the 3 pm slump.


  1. This Dog That’s Properly Equipped for Nap Time

The experienced sleeper is only as good as their tools. This dog is ready for bedtime; all the time. Blanket, bed, snooze.


  1. This Duckling That’s Trying to Not Pass Out On Its Homework

We’ve been there, too, little duckling. Suddenly that notebook looks like a feather pillow. Just five minutes, we swear…