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Celebrities Who’ve Made Major Comebacks

Being a celebrity is no easy feat. Sure, it may look wonderful and glamorous, but as most any celebrity will tell you, it also has its challenges. Stars have to deal with the paparazzi, with the constant pressure to stay looking great, with the gossip, and with the constant hard work it takes to stay “in” and “hip.”

It’s such a tough job, in fact, that a lot of celebrities fall out of the limelight and fade away quickly. There are a select few, though, who have managed to fall out of favor…and then find themselves back in it. This is what’s known as the “celebrity comeback.” It’s a tough move to make, but several stars have done it successfully!

Rob Lowe

Once upon a time, Rob Lowe was known only for his good looks and his boyish charm. Unfortunately for him, though, his reputation took a nosedive back in 1988 when a sex tape of him and an underage girl was leaked. To make matters worse, a nanny who had worked for Lowe came forward and claimed Lowe had sexually harassed her. While it took a long time for the rumors and the talk to fade (no one really knows the whole truth to this day), Lowe rose above it all and became popular again via a role on “The West Wing,” and he’s been working ever since.

Betty White

Betty White is so beloved that many would argue she never “left,” and thus never had a true “comeback.” And while it’s true that the vivacious older actress has never really stopped working, there was a long period of time when she was “just that woman who starred on ‘Golden Girls’.” Of course, her decades-spanning career amounts to a lot more than just a stint on a sitcom, but the show is what most of the younger generation knew her from before her comeback. She became popular again thanks to social media, a gig hosting “Saturday Night Live,” and a slew of commercials and comedic parts that made everyone fall in love all over again.

Lindsay Lohan

Like so many other young celebrities, Lindsay Lohan got her start as a Disney starlet. That cute little girl from “The Parent Trap” and “Life Size,” however, grew up to struggle with drug addictions, arrests, and a general bad reputation, all of which started to happen just after she rose to major stardom with teen hits like “Mean Girls” and “Freaky Friday.” She became “unhirable” in Hollywood for her volatility and her penchant for not showing up for work. However, she’s made several “comebacks” of sorts with roles in various films, including the artistic indie flick “The Canyons” and the Lifetime movie “Liz and Dick.” While the jury is still out on whether or not this comeback will last, a lot of people out there have high hopes for Lindsay.

As you can see, getting famous is no guarantee that someone will stay there. However, in the magical land of Hollywood, there’s always hope for a comeback!