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Best Reactions to Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Screwup


If you live under a rock and somehow managed to miss the massive mix up at this year’s Miss Universe pageant, then you need to invest in a smartphone. And then watch the clip of the gaffe here in all its awkward glory:

Basically, host Steve Harvey misread the card that named the winner and runner up. He crowned the wrong woman. Then he had to fix it. They literally took the crown off of poor Miss Colombia’s perfectly-coiffed head and stuck in on the very confused Miss Phillipines.

The two contestants handled it as gracefully as any supernaturally beautiful human could. But it was still painfully uncomfortable to watch. You can’t get through the video without cringing.

Even better than the miserable spectacle of the crowning mishap was the world’s reaction to the debacle on social media. And thus a slew of memes were born.

Here are 14 of the REAL winners of the whole mess:


  1. Leave poor Leo alone.

Give that man a pity Oscar, and give Miss Colombia a pity crown.


  1. Kanye Harvey just had to interrupt.

“I’mma let you finish Miss Colombia… oh, no wait… I’m not.”


  1. The man can’t read a calendar either.



  1. Steve Harvey is the ultimate Mean Girl.

And none for Miss Colombia BYE.


  1. Is it too soon for this joke?

“What do you mean?” -Miss Colombia, Miss Phillipines, and Justin Bieber


  1. Trashy daytime tv crossover, go.

Except y’know… with a baby human instead of a crown.


  1. His own show. Ouch.

He can’t escape it.


  1. Even God had to apologize.

Hey. It was an honest mistake, right?


  1. Suddenly this SNL bit got way more real.

Decisions, decisions.


  1. This was the ultimate celebrity reaction to the Steve Harvey-Miss Universe shenanigans.

Slay, Bette. SLAY.


  1. You had one job.

Just read the card, they said. It’ll be fine, they said.


  1. Well that escalated quickly…

The Internet is just middle school all over again.


  1. We might’ve broke him.

He’s gonna go Grey Gardens after this one, isn’t he?


  1. At least he can laugh about it?

He handled it like a champ. Or a total asshole. Bit of both. We still laughed.